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AromaDog Fleece Pets Squeaker Mats



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We hope you and your dog will love Multipet's line of therapeutic dog toys as much as we do!

So many of us struggle to calm our four-legged friends when they're stressed out by fireworks, thunderstorms and other anxiety-inducing events, or they suffer from separation anxiety. We wonder how best to help them - there's so much on the market from which to choose these days, it can be really overwhelming.  Now, there's something a little different - the AromaDog Fleece Pets Squeaker Mats Collection!

Did you know that just a few drops of lavender essential oil on your dog's bedding may help to calm him? Now, you can calm him as he plays with these innovative therapeutic squeaker mats. Every time your dog squeaks the mat, the toy releases a calming blend of lavender essential oils into the air, making him feel relaxed and happy. 

Each squeaker mat is made from soft, snuggable fleece and measures 12". Choose between a dog, bear, or, our particular favorite, an elephant. 

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