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Ark Naturals® Breath-Less® Plaque-Zapper®

Ark Naturals®


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In business since 1996, Ark Naturals understands the bond we have with our pets. The company places great value on integrity, transparency, vitality, and innovation and their mission is to offer pet owners a line of all-natural products to help care for pets in between vet visits. Ingredients used are the best quality, most effective and user-friendly. The company is committed to educating consumers, making sure that they have a good understanding of the products they're buying for their pets. 

Keeping our pets' teeth and gums healthy can be a major challenge, that's for sure! Ark Naturals has come up with a simple but effective way of dealing with this. Formulated by veterinarians, the Breath-Less® Plaque-Zapper® is an odorless, colorless and tasteless powder that you add to your pet's drinking water. Each diluted packet of the product lasts for 8 hours. Adding the Zapper to your pet's water helps to neutralize the pH level of saliva, deters bacteria growth and controls plaque, tartar and bad breath.

Ark Naturals recommends using the product twice daily for 4-6 weeks, then once a day thereafter. For maximum benefit, use together with Gray Muzzle Breath-Less Brushless-Toothpaste for Seniors (sold separately).

Available in two sizes for Small to Medium pets and for Medium to Large pets. The Small to Medium packets are suitable for small to medium pets and multiple small pets sharing a water bowl.

Each pouch contains 30 packets of product.

Active Ingredients:

Lysozyme, glucoxidase, amylase, papain, amyloglucosidase, petizyme, lactoferrin

Inactive Ingredients:

Maltodextrin, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate

Product does not contain anthium dioxide, chlorine peroxide or chlorine dioxide.

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