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Adjustable Handle Nylon Leash

2 Hounds Design


  • 18" Long
  • 4 ft Long
  • 6 ft Long
  • 6 ft Long with Traffic Handle
  • Euro Style Leash

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The perfect leash when the budget's a little tight, 2 Hound Design's collection of top quality nylon leashes offers pet owners a variety of colors and lengths from which to choose.

This great everyday collection of leashes features durable nylon webbing, an adjustable handle and nickel-plated hardware. With a width of 1", the leashes are available in 18", 4 ft, 6 ft lengths, and there's a 6 ft version with a traffic handle, as well as a Euro Style version. The leash with the traffic handle is perfect for larger breed dogs, who you may wish to keep close, while the standard 4 and 6 ft leashes work well for most dogs. The versatile Euro Leash can be used in a variety of configurations, and it is a great option once your dog is trained, and you want to give him a little more space to sniff and explore. This leash features a detachable handle and a floating ring. You can attach it around your waist, turn it into a 3, 6 or 8 ft leash, or connect it to a collar and harness at the same time. 

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