Calling All Rescues!

How can UKUSCAdoggie help your dog or cat rescue organization?

UKUSCAdoggie is a family-owned company, specializing in high quality, unique supplies and accessories for dogs and cats. We source our products from all over the world with an emphasis on quality and safety.

Inspired by their beloved rescue dogs, Massey, a German Shepherd mix, and Rocky, a cute little shih tzu-poodle mix with a heart problem, the company was founded by the Barber Family in 2012. When Massey and Rocky passed away, they eventually adopted Simon and Clyde from West Coast Cocker Rescue. Aside from healing their broken hearts, adopting these wonderful Cocker Spaniel mixes introduced the Barbers to a world of global rescue and a community of such caring people so in need of support, they decided that they had to do whatever they could to help.

In addition to regularly donating a portion of our profits to rescue organizations locally, we donate 10% of every sale to our rescue partners...

UKUSCAdoggie's main focus is working with rescue organizations to generate funding for them. We believe that working together we can make a difference!

Want to collaborate with us? Here's how...

Please let us know about your rescue!  If you would like to do a fundraiser with us, simply tell us about it and we can set up a special code, specifically designed for your supporters.  Then, when they place an order, they will simply enter the code and 10% of their order, before tax and shipping, will be donated to your cause.

At the end of the fundraiser, we will forward the donation to your organization. Simple!

We usually suggest that participating rescue organizations encourage their supporters to purchase from us by creating a UKUSCAdoggie-themed section on their website or Facebook page. Adding a link directing supporters to our website or to specific products seems to work well.

Interested? To get started, simply get in touch and tell us about your organization! We'd love to hear about the great work you're doing and about any upcoming events. We will gladly feature your organization on our website and social media channels and encourage our customers to support you.

Our company strives to offer dog and cat owners the best products out there, and we will only partner with suppliers whose philosophies match our own. Most of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, US, and Canada, hence our name. We are always on the lookout for new items to keep our site fresh, so suggestions are always welcome!

To get started, please send us a piece about your organization that we can use to promote you. We will post this as a blog on our website with links to your website. We might also post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to give you as much exposure as possible. If we need to make substantial changes to your submission, we will let you know before publishing.

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