Does my dog need a coat?

With the cold weather in full force, many of us wonder if we should be protecting our dogs from the elements as we head off to the dog park. Then we smile at the dogs we meet on the street, secretly thinking to ourselves how embarrassed their owners should be taking their canine companions out looking so silly...What's a dog owner to do?!


Is he shivering, then yes, he needs a coat!

This year's winter seems pretty extreme for many of us in the US, which means that our daily walks might not be as comfortable either for ourselves or our furry friends.

Dogs with thick coats are generally well protected - Siberian Huskies, for example, have coats that are designed to keep them warm, but other breeds definitely need protection when temperatures dip. 

Small or toy breeds or breeds with short hair, such as Chihuahuas, don't generate or retain body heat so they definitely need help.

Dogs low to the ground, such as Corgis do have nice, thick coats, but their bellies sit close to the ground and could easily get wet.

Also, don't forget that dogs with long hair are not protected if they have just been groomed.

Slim dogs such as greyhounds also need to be protected from the cold, and we should not forget our precious seniors, who might suffer from conditions that warrant a winter coat.  Arthritis can be a cause of a dog feeling the cold, and old age might cause a thick-coated dog to start feeling the cold.

The bottom line is that if your dog is shivering, he needs a coat! There are some amazing choices out there - just be sure to choose one that adequately protects your dog's neck and chest. It should extend from the base of his neck to his tail, leaving plenty of room left for him to make going to the bathroom easy. It should be nice and snug, but not tight, and it should not restrict movement.


So much choice!!

So what type of coat, should I choose? There are some excellent choices out there, suitable for a myriad of weather conditions. Waterproof coats are always a good idea and there are all kinds of fabrics and styles from which to choose. 

Here at UKUSCAdoggie, we have scoured the globe to find the best quality coats on the market featuring both style and functionality, so you're sure to find something that is the perfect match for your pet's character. This season our favorite pet apparel brands are Doggie Design and The Worthy Dog. Both companies offer dog owners top quality fashion-forward, functional apparel that will stand the test of time. For those of you living in colder, more snowy areas, however, a jacket designed for more extreme weather might be more suitable.  Finnish brand, Hurtta, would be the perfect solution in that case.

In conclusion, when considering any item of clothing for your dog, remember that in most cases, coats and sweaters should only be worn outside when the weather merits it - they should definitely not be worn at home, as dogs can overheat. 

If you do need a winter warmer, whatever the weather, we've got you, or rather, your dog, covered!


If you're in the Bellingham, WA area, please come on into our store with your dog and try on some of our great options. Otherwise, if you're ordering from the website, please measure your dog carefully, but do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure which size to choose. 

Enjoy this fun season, but keep warm!!

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