Dog is Warm and Cozy in the Jackson Dog Sweater
Black Dog Models the Jackson Dog Sweater
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Jackson Alpaca Wool Dog Sweater

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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners! Based out of New York City, Zippy Dynamics™ aims to provide man's best friend with a combination of style, comfort and protection, and the company's patented line of dog clothing certainly does just that! Made from the highest quality materials, you'll definitely be impressed by Zippy Dynamics™ originality and innovation when it comes to doggie fashion!

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Chilly Dog was founded in 2001, after the company founder was unable to locate a well made, moderately priced dog sweater in Philadelphia. She ultimately formed a relationship with the Inca Artisans in South America and they worked to create a hand knitted woolen dog sweater.

The company is proud to follow fair trade guidelines and their beautiful sweaters are made from 100% organic wool and plant dyes. In the course of creating the sweaters, Chilly Dog has been able to give jobs to many knitters, allowing them to achieve a better standard of living by paying them a fair wage.  

Chilly Dog offers our canine friends an array of fashionable, practical options when it comes to keeping warm, and quite simply, these sweaters are among the best quality you will find in the current market. A large range of sizes means dog owners are sure to achieve a perfect fit, whether their dog is a teeny Chihuahua or a much larger Great Dane.

Your dog will definitely be the talk of the dog park when he's wearing the Jackson Alpaca Dog Sweater. Since natural fibers have greater bulk, there are no air pockets, so the sweater will keep your dog so much warmer than sweaters made from other materials. Please be aware that since the sweater is handcrafted, it may vary slightly in color and style from the images shown.


  • Beautifully designed Alpaca Wool Dog Sweater
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Made my artisans in Ecuador following Fair Trade guidelines
  • Created from 100% organic wool and plant dyes
  • Natural fibers create a bulkier, warmer sweater
  • Available in eight sizes, as follows:
Size Length Weight Suggested Dog Breeds
2XS 8"-9" 2-5 lbs Teacup, Chihuahua
XS 12"-13" 5-10 lbs Yorkie, Toy Poodle, Maltese
Small 15"-17" 10-18 lbs Jack Russell Terrier, Dachshund
Medium 19"-21" 18-29 lbs Beagle, Pug, Cocker Spaniel
Large 23"-25" 29-40 lbs Border Collie, Bull Terrier
XL 27"-29" 40-60 lbs Labrador, Dalmatian, Pit Bull
2XL 30"-33" 60-80 lbs Rottweiler, Shepherd, Boxer
3XL 36"-38" 80-120 lbs Great Dane, Greyhound