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Scented Squeaky Chew Ball

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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners! Based out of New York City, Zippy Dynamics™ aims to provide man's best friend with a combination of style, comfort and protection, and the company's patented line of dog clothing certainly does just that! Made from the highest quality materials, you'll definitely be impressed by Zippy Dynamics™ originality and innovation when it comes to doggie fashion!

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Based in the US, Playology designs dog toys that engage our canine furry friends up to seven times longer than the leading brand! The company's whimsical designs feature the science of scent, and since we know that dogs experience the world through this sense, we can understand why these durable toys, with their fun squeak and enticing scent, are such a big hit. 

Playology uses Encapsiscent Technology to embed natural scents in their toys at a microscopic level. This means that as your dog chews the toy, tiny scent bubbles are broken, releasing the scent. Your dog will enjoy chewing and sniffing over and over again, and you don't need to worry about washing away the scent if you clean the toys - Encapsiscent Technology makes that impossible. 

So many of us worry about the safety of the toys we give our dogs, and Playology has made safety a top priority, making their toys in accordance with standards created for children's toys. All toys are rigorously tested to meet these guidelines and you can rest assured that they are free from lead, phthalates, BPA and other toxins.

Perfect for dogs of all ages, the balls come in small (1.75"), accommodating dogs weighing up to 10 lbs and in medium (2.5") for dogs weighing 15 lbs or more. There are three different scents - Chicken, Beef and Peanut Butter. Super durable, the balls make a game of fetch even more fun and they even float, so are perfect for pool play.

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