DaVinci Martingale Dog Collar

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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners! Based out of New York City, Zippy Dynamics™ aims to provide man's best friend with a combination of style, comfort and protection, and the company's patented line of dog clothing certainly does just that! Made from the highest quality materials, you'll definitely be impressed by Zippy Dynamics™ originality and innovation when it comes to doggie fashion!

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Martingale Collars are perfect for dogs and their pack leaders who prefer a more gentle, non-pulling approach to dog walking. Particularly useful for dogs with larger necks and smaller heads, the collars slide over your dog's head rather than having a side-release buckle. This means that the collar must be large enough when fully adjusted to slide over the widest part of your dog's head.

Made in the USA, Diva-Dog's exclusive, beautifully designed DaVinci Martingale Collar is made from soft, comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon, quintuple stitched at stress points.

The DaVinci pattern features a design that clearly evokes the beautifully embroidered tapestries of the Italian Renaissance with Tuscan green, Umbrian blues and Florentine whites. 

The collar features extremely lightweight, but sturdy, all-metal hardware.

While this design is available in the following three sizes, Diva-Dog will custom design a collar to fit any dog. Please let us know if you require this service.

Size Width x Length
Medium 2" x 14" - 18.5"
Large 2" x 18" - 22"
XL 2" x 21" - 26"