We know that healthy dogs love to play, so we have all kinds of fun toys and games to keep them entertained! Our great collection helps to dispel boredom, relieve excess energy and help with excess chewing.  Whether it is a plush or chew toy, a ball or interactive dog toy, you will find the perfect solution to keep Fido entertained.

For dogs who love to chew, and we all know a few of those, we have a great array of chew toys so your furniture, shoes, etc. remain intact!  To keep your dog in tip top physical condition, we have all kinds of toys which can be thrown, chewed and tugged – toys that are great to play with outdoors and toys suitable for inside play - all designed to keep your dog active.

Interactive puzzles and games will engage and stimulate your dog, keeping him nice and calm. As he plays, he will learn that completing a task results in a treat – a great way to train and bond with him. As the dog becomes more adept, you can increase the difficulty level of the game giving him more of a challenge. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of toys in your dog's life and make sure he has  a good selection to keep him challenged, active and happy!


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