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Dog Twister Puzzle Toy

Nina Ottosson



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Dogs are very smart, so it's important to exercise their body and mind. That being said, we think it's a great idea to offer them a challenge as they play! This unique puzzle toy for dogs helps you do just that! 

Nina Ottosson dog puzzles provide hours of challenging fun! Your dog will have a blast with this great Twister Toy, as he works hard to figure out how to unlock tasty treats hidden inside each compartment. Nina Ottosson rates the toy as being suitable for all dogs, whatever their age, size and breed, but notes that it is designed specifically for "Master Paws", or energetic dogs who are up to more of a difficult challenge when it comes to treat dispensing games and toys.

The Dog Twister Puzzle Toy will offer your dog so much mental stimulation as he plays. Simply pull out the white locking handles to an unlocked position to access the slide paw panels, and load up the compartments with treats or kibble. Then line up the sliding paw panels and lock them in place by pushing the handles in. Place the toy on the floor and let the games begin! 

Then encourage your dog to go find those treats - he'll be so excited and eager to please! Extremely versatile, you can manipulate the toy in order to find the most appropriate challenge level for your dog. If, for example, your dog needs a little help, you could leave the handles in the unlocked position and offset the paw panels so he can smell and access the hidden treats more easily. You can even turn the toy into the perfect summertime cooling aid by simply mixing a little dog food and water in the compartments and placing the toy in your freezer to allow it to set.

As with all toys, you should supervise your dog as he plays and be sure that he does not chew the toy. The Twister is a great toy for you to play with together!

Easy to clean after all that slobbering, simply remove the treats and wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry.

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