• PoochPads for Mature Dogs
  • PoochPads for Mature Dogs
  • PoochPads for Mature Dogs
  • PoochPads for Mature Dogs

PoochPads for Mature Dogs

Pooch Pad


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Love your doggie, but not the mess and odor resulting from those little "accidents"? Let PoochPad come to the rescue!

Especially designed for mature doggies, these amazing reusable, protective floor mats made with Microfine fibers quickly absorb liquid without soaking through, while an odor-inhibiting layering fabric eliminates any odor. Perfect for older doggies with a little incontinence problem! Use the pads on floors, beds, cages or any accident-prone area. Environmentally friendly, they are extremely cost effective as you can wash and reuse them up to 300 times!

How do PoochPads work?

PoochPads use an exclusive fiber technology developed by Microfine for use in hospitals and nursing homes.  This light-weight extremely absorbent material absorbs more than four times its weight (a large PoochPad absorbs about 48 oz of fluid), holding onto liquids like a magnet so there's no leakage. A non-toxic antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause odor from urine so your house smells fresh and clean!

Product Dimensions:

Small - 17" x 23"

Medium - 20" x 27"

Large - 30" x 32"

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