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Planning a boat trip or other water-based activity this summer? Dogs love water, but as responsible dog owners, we need to make sure that they're safe. Experts have various suggestions on how to do this...

To get your dog used to the idea of leaving land, it's a good idea to introduce him to your boat while it's still in dock. Take a little time to get him used to the noise and vibration of the engine, then gradually add trips out of the marina, each time increasing the length. Be sure that if he ends up in the water, he is able to paddle his way to a platform or ladder. It's also a good idea to make sure you can prevent your pet from sliding around a wet deck by adding a rug with non-slip backing. Most importantly, don't forget to provide a nice shady place for him to enjoy the trip with a nice cold dish of water.

In addition to making sure your dog is wearing an ID Tag with your boat's marina location, slip number and contact information, it's really important to make sure he's wearing a personal flotation device. Even if he's a good swimmer, you can't guarantee that he won't get into trouble.

The American Flag Doggy Jacket by Pawz Pet Products offers dog owners peace of mind when it comes to choosing a life jacket for your dog. Not only will he look ultra stylish, but the device will keep him safe for a worry-free boat trip!

Highly visible, the life jacket is designed to provide a nice comfortable fit for your dog. Offering exceptional buoyancy, it features a robust handle for lifting him out of the water, a mesh underbelly and a high quality buckle. 

Available in six follows:

XXS: 6.5" L, 7-9" Neck Girth, 11-16" Body Girth, 0-6 lbs

XS: 8.5" L, 8-12" Neck Girth, 15-19" Body Girth, 7-15 lbs

S: 11" L, 12-20" Neck Girth, 17-22" Body Girth, 15-20 lbs

M: 14" L, 20-25" Neck Girth, 21-31" Body Girth, 20-50 lbs

L: 16" L, 24-30" Neck Girth, 30-37" Body Girth, 50-90 lbs

XL: 20" L, 29-34" Neck Girth, 36-44" Body Girth, 90+ lbs



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