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Petosan® Oral Cleaner




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The Petosan Oral Cleaner offers dog owners a nice easy way of cleaning their dog's teeth, removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth.

The microfiber cloth is antimicrobial, chemical-free and self-cleaning.  Use it daily for one week before replacing with the Petosan Double-headed Toothbrush.


Moisten the Oral Cleaner, pull it over your forefinger and secure with the strap on the middle finger.  Gently wipe teeth and gums without applying pressure.  Rinse during use in lukewarm water and afterwards rinse and hang to dry.

Please don't let your dog swallow the cloth and be sure to keep it away from children.

Product Dimensions:

7.1" x 0.4" x 2.8"

0.3 oz

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