Regular dog grooming is so important - it keeps your doggie clean and healthy, prevents infection and most importantly, it keeps him looking his best! Although you’ll probably take him to the professionals for regular grooming, we have all the implements, potions and lotions you’ll need for those at home pamper sessions!

The most important tool is a good dog brush. We have all kinds of brushes for all kinds of doggies! Short-haired dogs can be brushed with a simple curry brush or glove, while medium or long-coated dogs may require slicker or pin brushes or an undercoat matting rake. To avoid all that dog hair floating around your house, an undercoat matting rake designed for shedding doggies can make such a difference. A pin brush is great for minimizing tangles and removing dead hair and is great for dogs with medium-length wavy or curly coats. Slicker brushes are great for dealing with matted fur and tangles. 

Some breeds require special attention to the eye area. Our doggies, Simon and Rocky, definitely fall into this category. We make the process of removing those pesky “tear stains” so easy!

Then there’s doggie breath!  Looking after your dog’s teeth plays a very important role in looking after his overall health. USCAdoggie carries everything you will need to keep your doggie’s smile intact! Don’t forget that regular toothpaste can be poisonous to dogs, so make sure you use toothpaste especially for him.

Then it’s bathtime! We have a great selection of doggie shampoos and conditioners to keep him clean and looking and smelling his best! Be sure to choose ones that are a good match for his breed and skin type. Finally, don’t forget clippers to keep your doggie’s nails nicely trimmed. 


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