• Pop's Pet Organics™ Concentrate All-Purpose Cleaner

Pop's Pet Organics™ Concentrate All-Purpose Cleaner

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  • 4 oz
  • 16 oz
  • Gallon

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This wonderful all-purpose cleaner is all you need to clean your pet's environment and all his stuff! It removes dirt, grease and stains easily, leaving behind a light, refreshing lemongrass scent.

No need to subject your pet to harmful chemicals, detergents or anything artificial, this great cleaner, made from certified organic oils and naturally extracted botanicals, is completely non-toxic. 100% plant based, the hypoallergenic formula has aromatherapeutic properties that will relax your pet. It even acts as an insect repellent!

Made in the USA, just a little of this product goes a long, long way. Simply dilute in a spray bottle and use it in your kitchen, bathroom, for cleaning your pet's and child's toys, crates, car interiors - wherever you need to clean! You can even use it as a laundry stain remover or to do dishes!

Gentle, but powerful, the cleaner comes in a BPA-free bottle and is available in the following sizes - 4 oz, 16 oz, Gallon

Product Ingredients:

Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, naturally extracted lemongrass, cedarwood, lavender and eucalyptus oils, organic aloe vera and naturally extracted rosemary as a natural preservative


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