• PawPlunger® - Black - UKUSCAdoggie
  • PawPlunger® - Blue - UKUSCAdoggie
  • PawPlunger® - Green - UKUSCAdoggie
  • PawPlunger® - Pink - UKUSCAdoggie




  • Petite
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue

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We're sure you know the scenario - you come back from a lovely doggie walk in the woods and the next thing you know, there are paw prints all over your hallway, leading into the kitchen, and even on your best rug. How you wish you'd given Fido's paws a quick rinse with the garden hose on the way in or tried to give him a quick rinse in the kitchen sink...

PawPlunger® makes all this a thing of the past! Host of the long running Animal Planet series, Brianne Leary found it impossible to keep her New York City apartment clean when her Wheaten Terrier, LuLu, returned from her walks in Central Park. While Brianne believed that a dog should have the run of the house, but not run the house, she was motivated to find a solution and the PawPlunger® was born.

This innovative product eliminates all the hassle, all the mess and all the stress. Simply add warm water to the product and dip your dog's paw into it. You don't even need to add soap. The PawPlunger® will gently clean his paws and you'll save a fortune on cleaning bills!

Safe to use and very affordable, this is the tool to use no matter what the season. It even takes care of your dog's delicate paws in the winter when you could encounter ice and snow melting chemicals on the ground.

The PawPlunger® is available in Black, Blue, Green and Pink and in the following sizes:

Petite - For puppies, toy breeds, and also great for cats!

Medium - Best for most breeds from around 15 lbs to 75 lbs.

Large - Best for dogs over 75 lbs with large paws.

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