• Nature’s Miracle® Urine Destroyer

Nature’s Miracle® Urine Destroyer

Nature's Miracle®



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Perhaps you have a new puppy or kitty in your life or a lovely senior dog or cat and you're getting a little stressed out about those inevitable little accidents around the house...

Stress no more...Natures Miracle® Urine Destroyer will take care of the problem. This amazing product has been specially formulated to get rid of your pet's worst urine-based stains and odors, no matter what surface is involved. You can use the Urine Destroyer on carpet, hard surfaces, in kennels, carriers, and even on clothing.

Using some of the most advanced technologies available, the deep-penetrating oxygen-infused, bio-enzymatic formula eliminates urine-based accidents leaving behind no sticky residue. The product also contains a dual-action odor-control system that destroys odors on contact discouraging your pet from re-soiling, and as an added bonus, it leaves behind a nice pleasant scent.

The Urine Destroyer works best when it's allowed to dry naturally which can take up to two weeks. The product needs to be able to reach all of the stain and odor-causing material, penetrating carpet pads and sub floors. 

Say goodbye once and for all to those dog and cat urine stains!

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