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Biodegradable Pet Wipes

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Thick, soft and strong, we're sure you'll be pleased to have these great biodegradable pet wipes to hand whenever you're out and about with your best furry friends! 

All natural and fragrance free, the wipes are safe for your hands and perfect for your pet's coat, face and paws. They're great to use before you end up bringing a load of dirt into your house after a particularly "messy" walk or playtime. You can even use them around eyes and ears and to clean any minor scrapes.

Safe and effective for dogs and cats, use them to spruce up pets between baths or for pets that simply refuse to have a bath at all!

The wipes contain natural moisturizers for a nice soft, healthy and shiny coat. Perfect for controlling dander and loose hair, they are effective in minimizing hairballs in cats.

Each wipe measures 9" x 5" and each pack contains 80 wipes.


Purified water, Potassium Sorbate (a salt often used in herbal dietary supplements), Citric Acid, Lanolin, Aloe Vera

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