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While it's important to make sure your cat is in the best physical condition as possible, it's also important to provide him with mental stimulation. You really want to make sure that he doesn't get bored and look for things in your home to play with! There's nothing worse than coming home to your favorite piece of furniture scratched or your curtains and blinds beyond repair!

There are so many different ways to avoid these kinds of can play with him yourself, which is great for both of you, but when you're not available, there are all kinds of toys, made especially to keep cats amused and stimulated, with no human interaction necessary!

Automated toys will keep your feline friend nice and busy and there are also toys that you can stuff with food or catnip. It will take him ages to figure out how to retrieve these treats! Don't forget to switch up toys to avoid boredom.

Perfect for the active cat in your life, the Frog Puzzle Toy by KONG® promotes healthy exercise and plays into your cat's natural desire to chase, hunt and capture his prey.

The toy moves around unpredictably, providing mental stimulation and keeping your cat on his toes!

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