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Doggie Travel Tales

Posted: May 19 2013

Of course you want to take your doggies everywhere with you, well within reason of course, but there are times when it's simply not possible, and then what do you do?? We were faced with this dilemma recently when planning a trip back to the UK. Massey, our elderly German Shepherd mix and Rocky, the little Shih Tzu-poodle with a dodgy heart, both thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of home so there was no way we could sentence them to a kennel stay, even if we could actually manage to locate one in our area. Of course there was always the upmarket doggie daycare option to consider and we did, but although we love our pooches dearly, we just couldn't fathom spending the equivalent of a second mortgage on them. Just when it seemed we would never find a solution, we found the perfect one!

On a visit to a local grooming parlor, we chanced upon a very nice talkative employee who on seeing our dismayed faces when she told us how much her establishment would require to provide board and lodging for our babies, asked us if we'd ever considered

It was soon apparent, as we sat in front of our computer a few hours later, that we'd been missing out on a most incredible resource all these years! Mesmerized by the huge number of suitable prospective housesitters, we quickly signed up and began drafting our profile. Everything complete, we sat back and waited for responses to our "ad", and it wasn't long before they started rolling in. We'd asked that housesitters had considerable doggie experience and generally loved dogs. As we sorted through at least 40 suitable applicants, one couple stood out - Peter and Deb Holst. After a brief skype session, we were totally impressed and couldn't wait to meet this "super" couple from Perth, Australia. Our chance to do so came quickly as they invited us to meet them on Mayne Island where they were housesitting. After a wonderful trip, we knew that they were special.

Sadly, Pete and Deb never got to meet Massey, as he crossed Rainbow Bridge before they arrived. Instead Rocky's new brother, Simon, provided them with a nice healthy challenge! Simon, adopted from West Coast Cocker Rescue, is a Cocker-Doxie cross and is simply adorable. Pete and Deb were as smitten as we are with our doggies. When we left them to go on our two-week trip, we had absolutely no reservations that they were in good hands and looking at the amazing pictures of the doggies that they posted online, we kinew we'd made a great decision....

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