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Hair of the Dog (is on my black pants)...What happens after the lights go out!

Posted: Dec 08 2014

We're delighted to introduce you to Holly and her other half! In her words, they're your average two-dog, one-cat, no-child family living in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Arnold is a big, beautiful senior tabby and his canine siblings are Pete, a Westie who really works his "Westitude", and Asia, a big, sweet baby. Together they work to create chaos in Holly's tiny home, leaving behind a mess and tons of hilarious and heartwarming stories to share. We hope you'll fall in love with Holly just like we have!

Here's an entertaining excerpt from Holly's blog about what happens when the lights go out...

"When I meet someone who tells me their dog isn't allowed on their bed I feel two things: pity for the pet and extreme jealousy at what a good sleep that person must get every night. Yes, when it comes to allowing the pets to share our sleeping space, I understand I've literally made my bed and must sleep in it.

Here's what the average night in our household is like: Asia starts the night in between us, usually cuddling up and incapacitating us. If it's winter, Pete is on the bed, summer, he's on the floor. Arnold comes up and usually starts loving up Asia. She's afraid of him though, because of his kneading claws and sudden change of mood from loving to biting. B hollers at me when he's fallen asleep and I decide to use flash on my camera to capture these adorable moments. Pete migrates around the room all night long. One of his favourite places to be is under the covers so he waits until we're asleep and then, like a vampire, he demands invitation onto the threshold. Sometimes he skips this step. Then he steps on our heads in an attempt to find an opening at the top of the blankets. Rinse and repeat - this happens at least three times in a night. We bought him a fabulous clam shell bed that emulates that "being under the covers" feeling and he uses it, but it's not good enough when he can annoy and wake us up instead. The absolute worst scenario, which happens at least once a month, is after Pete is snuggled under the covers, Arnold decides he will get up and stand on this new mysterious lump under the covers. Pete lashes out and tries to snap at Arnold through the covers while yapping with outrage. Then Arnold races off and Asia tramples anyone in her way trying to get off the bed away from the action.

Another option we offered the pets was bringing Asia's crate into the bedroom. She is crated while we aren't home due to her abandonment issues and the need to stress eat anything she can get her paws on. When we travel and have the crate, the dogs take turns sleeping in it. However, at home, once the novelty wore off, the crate was ignored. We even have separate blankets - as many as you pet owners know, the animals (no matter their size) somehow manage to end up in the middle of the bed and hog most of the blanket. One of my favourite dog-related comics, Off The Leash, often visits this top with its humorous, yet completely true illustrations!

So many times B and I have proclaimed "That's it! No more pets in the bed!" but when it's the end of the day, we realize there's no controlling the cat or the terrier. I know, I know - if we devoted the time, energy and consistency in training our pets to stay off the bed, we would probably all sleep better at night. But how can we argue with the fact that Asia has never NOT slept on the bed?  

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