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Reiki for your Pet by Tamara Fosty

Posted: Jul 21 2014

Pet Reiki is becoming more and more popular as people look for more alternative options for their pets!

A Japanese technique, Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a holistic, energy-based method of healing that can assist the body to release toxins, stress and emotional blockages encouraging relaxation which in turn promotes healing. It helps the body shift back into balance, allowing it to heal from the inside out. 

Rei - a universal energy

Ki - life force energy that flows through all living things

One of the most wonderful things about Reiki is that it can be done in person or from a distance, so no matter where you are, your pet can participate in a Reiki session.

What happens during a Reiki session with my pet?

During a Reiki session, your pet will be in total control of how they choose to accept the Reiki. Some pets prefer to receive Reiki from a distance while some like hands on treatment. Whichever method your choose, your pet is sure to benefit from the session. Animals often become very relaxed during or after their Reiki session. Often you will notice them yawning, laying down or falling asleep while receiving Reiki energy! This allows them to enter a deep state of relaxation where their body can begin to repair, strengthen and recover from illness and stress.

There are many things that cause our furry friends stress - injury, moving to a new home, new additions to the family, abandonment, illness, old age, etc...Reiki can help in so many areas....

Digestive issues

Skin conditions

Loss of appetite


Loss or lack of energy

Behavioral issues including barking, aggression, inappropriate urination

Arthritis or stiffness in joints

Increase relaxation

Help with previous trauma (abuse/neglect)

Release emotional blockages

Strengthen immume system

Mental clarity/focus

Help with the dying process/transition

Complements other treatments and can help alleviate the side effects of medication

Accelerates the healing process after surgery or illness

Increases trust and bonding between you and your pet

Energizes and revitailizes an older pet

Length and frequency of Reiki sessions for my pet...

The length of sessions depends entirely on your pet and how much Reiki energy they choose to receive. Each animal knows what's right for them. Generally a Reiki session will last between 30 to 60 minutes. The frequency of sessions depends on your pet's health status and needs. Generally improvements can be seen after the first session, but to see a long-term impact, 2 to 6 sessions may be required. 

For more information on Pet Reiki, please visit Tamara Fosty

Disclaimer - Reiki is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care. If your pet has a health concern, you should always contact your veterinarian.

Tamara Fosty is a certified Reiki Master Level practitioner, trained in Crystal Healing, animal communication and Pet Reiki. Her mission is to open up and create a healing space assisted by Reiki, so that your pet has the opportunity to do just what he needs in order to heal from the inside out. She believes that we all hold the key to unlock our body's own true healing capabilities so that we may be guided to live life to the fullest on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. If you do not live in Vancouver, BC where Tamara is based, she offers distance healing Reiki sessions that are equally as effective as in-person sessions. The use of Reiki will help your pet in so many ways. She looks forward to hearing from you!


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