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Who exactly is UKUSCAdoggie?

Posted: Apr 02 2014


UKUSCAdoggie is an online-only business specializing in high quality, competitively-priced supplies and accessories for dogs. Our products are sourced from all over the world, but with specific emphasis on quality and safety. The company was founded after Margot and Alex Barber emigrated from the UK to Vancouver, Canada with their beloved rescue dog, Massey. Shortly after their arrival, they adopted Rocky, a shih tzu-poodle with a heart problem. When Massey passed away, they chanced upon West Coast Cocker Rescue and Simon, a wonderful little cocker mix, and they were smitten! Aside from healing their broken hearts, Simon introduced the Barbers to a world of global rescue and a community of such caring, loving people so in need of support, and so they decided to pursue their dream of having their own business while helping a cause they felt so passionate about.

UKUSCAdoggie's main focus is working with rescue organizations to generate funding for them. We believe that working together we can make a big difference!

How does it work?

The rescue organization encourages their supporters to purchase from us (via a UKUSCAdoggie-themed page on their website, including a link to our website and/or links to various products). When a customer prepares to order an item on our website, they are able to select a rescue organization to which they would like us to donate 10% of their order. This rescue can be anywhere in the world. At the end of each month, or sooner depending on volume, we deposit 10% of all orders processed into the selected organization's bank account.

Since UKUSCAdoggie is global, people often choose organizations miles away from their location. We also encourage rescues to send us promotional material on a regular basis, for example, a blog that we can post on our site to tell everyone about the rescue and the great work they are doing.

In addition to our monthly donation payments, we also make additional donations to a rescue, per an agreed schedule, dependent on the level of orders received. 

Our products

At the moment, we do not manufacture any of our own products, although we do work closely with several suppliers who design and manufacture custom orders for us. DoubleDog Stitches & Designs, for example, will design the most amazing collars and leashes with your logo. We do have plans to develop a product line at some point in the future.

UKUSCAdoggie strives to offer dog and cat owners the best products out there, and we will only partner with suppliers whose philosophies match our own. Most of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, US, and Canada, hence our name. We are always on the lookout for new items to keep our site fresh, so suggestions are always welcome!

If you would like to partner with us and receive funds for your rescue, please contact us via our website 

Let's make a difference!


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