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Christmas Doggies!

Posted: Dec 12 2013

Christmas is coming - almost time to start counting down the days! There are all kinds of things that need to be done as we prepare for this busiest of holidays, and of course we really want to include Fido, but don't forget to make sure he's safe during the festive season. Doggies have been known to get into things they're not supposed to at the best of time and at this time of year, there are so many interesting things for them to "investigate"! From chewing on those colorful little Christmas lights to sneaking some of that chocolate hanging from the Christmas tree, our dogs are exposed to all kinds of dangers during the holidays, but with a bit of planning, we can avoid that rush to the vet!

One of the main problems associated with the festive season is the ingestion of inappropriate "food". Most doggie owners do remember to avoid giving Fido too many scraps and make sure that he can't get his paws on all that chocolate that inevitably finds its way into most homes at this time of year, but they tend to overlook those cutesy little bells, tinsel and lights on the Christmas tree and the beautiful poinsettia placed perfectly on the coffee table. All those beautiful decorations can be a major hazard for a doggie, and don't forget to place lilies, holly, and mistletoe away from any investigative paws.

We all enjoy a nice bit of turkey over the holidays and our doggies love it too, but bones and skin can be very hazardous for Fido. Cooked bones can pose a choking hazard or splinter causing serious internal harm, while turkey skin can cause pancreatitis, so that is definitely to be avoided. It's also a good idea to remind oneself of those quite lengthy lists of other food items that doggies should avoid, just to be sure.

You're so proud of your beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, but is it doggie-proof? It's always a good idea to make sure the tree is securely mounted and won't be easily knocked over by your pooch, especially if he gets a little excited. Any wiring should be adequately secured to avoid tripping and located in an area where your doggie won't be likely to give it a chew. Be sure to place ornaments where they can't be easily reached, particularly if they are breakable. It's also a good idea to avoid that flimsy tinsel that might look so cute, but poses a major problem if ingested.

Candles can be such a great addition to the festive scene, but not if there's a doggie in the house. If you must have that gorgeous mulled wine candle, just make sure it's out of the way of wagging tails and curious noses, or better still why not just enjoy the real thing!

Have a doggie-safe Christmas!!






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