Reiki for Pets

Returning the Favor....

Our pets give us such a boost of positive energy, no matter how good or bad their day has been. Their tails wag like crazy when we open that door at the end of what might have been a really tough day. Sadly though, they have no way of telling us how their day was, and whether they might be experiencing pain or be feeling sad. Now, we can provide them with a special type of energy healing that will address all kinds of issues, some of which we might not have even been aware were going on.

Pet Reiki

Pet Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help to reduce pain, improve mood, and promote overall wellbeing in animals. It can also be used to help with behavior changes, restore balance and harmony in the home, and may even help pets handle stress better. Additionally, Pet Reiki can be used to provide relaxation and support for all kinds of both physical and mental issues that your four-legged friend might be experiencing. 

This remarkable energy healing system channels universal life energy through a practitioner's hands, tracing energetic pathways, and providing the recipient with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. A Reiki practitioner channels life energy through his or her Chakras to the recipient's Chakras.


What Happens During a Reiki Session?

During a Reiki healing session, the practitioner moves his or her hands, as they feel different sensations. How long the hands need to stay in a particular position depends on the session. Neither the healer, nor the recipient, can specify where the energy will be directed or what areas it will heal first. It simply goes where it is needed, healing the oldest traumas first. For chronic conditions, multiple Reiki sessions may be required. 

Reiki can be practiced directly on a pet, or at a distance, even if the animal is in another country! Distance Reiki can also be the perfect solution for pets who might not feel comfortable when new humans "invade" their space.

Maya benefits greatly from a Reiki session

Exactly How Will a Reiki Session Benefit My Pet?

Reiki is extremely beneficial for improving your pet's overall wellbeing. It helps to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and promotes a sense of calm. It can increase energy levels, and is great way to aid the healing process when a pet has experienced any kind of trauma, such as surgery. All kinds of pain and allergies can be relieved with Reiki, and it's also a great way of providing comfort to an animal dealing with depression or bereavement. Owners benefit in the knowledge that they are passing along to their pet loving kindness and healing, strengthening the special bond that they share. 

Introducing Dawn Salmeri....

Ever since she can remember, Arizona-based Dawn Salmeri, Owner of Inspired By Spirit Healing, has been sensitive to the needs of animals and has felt profound empathy for all living creatures without a voice. Dawn is a Reiki practitioner who has provided energy healing to pets for several years. Using this incredible technique, both in person and remotely, Dawn has impacted the lives of countless pets on so many levels, helping them deal with anxiety, pain, and other debilitating issues.

UKUSCAdoggie is proud to partner with Dawn! To learn more about Pet Reiki and how your pet might benefit from an in-person or remote session with Dawn, you can contact her and check out the Inspired By Spirit Healing website.

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